How To Pick Your Wedding Photographer

When it comes to planning a wedding, you have A LOT of decisions to make! What venue should we get married at? Who should we invite? Buffet or plated service? Indoor wedding or Outdoor wedding? I'm here to make one of those decisions easier: your wedding photographer.

Cypress Grove Estate House Wedding in Orlando, Florida.

Cypress Grove Estate House Wedding in Orlando, Florida.

1. What Style Do You Love For Your Wedding Photos?

Photographers come in many different styles. Are you drawn more toward a darker and moodier style or do you love light and bright? Do you love true to life photos or a more stylized and romantic feel? Do you want your photographer to document what they see in front of them, or do you want direction on the wedding day? These are all things to consider when deciding on what style you like best. 

Personally, I shoot for a true to life and timeless look. I want my photos to look as beautiful on your 25th anniversary as they look the day I deliver them.

Royal Crest Room Wedding in St. Cloud, Florida.

Royal Crest Room Wedding in St. Cloud, Florida.

2. What Products Do You Want From Your Wedding?

Some photographers offer prints, albums, and canvases. Others do not. Some offer albums with all of their packages. Some offer them as an additional purchase. These are things that you need to take into consideration when you are selecting your photographer. 

I offer albums in all of my packages. I strongly believe that everyone deserves a beautiful album from their wedding day, and so I make that happen for my couples. 

Luxury Orlando Wedding Photographer

3. What Is Your Photography Budget?

I will admit that I am biased when it comes to this topic. At the end of your wedding, your photos are the one thing that you will have to look back on forever. Therefore, I think you should invest as much as you possibly can toward getting the best photographer you can. That being said, there are amazing photographers at all price points. Photographers charge what they charge for a huge variety of reasons. Some cost $1000, some cost $10000. When choosing the one for you, take into consideration what they offer for that price and how they treat their clients. 

If beautiful images are a priority for you, I highly recommend spending $3000 or more on your photographer. Photographers in this price range typically have many years of experience and deliver a beautiful product consistently. Ask to see a full gallery or three from any photographer you reach out to. Remember, what's on their website is the highlights. You need to see what they deliver from a whole wedding day before making your decision.

My wedding day photography collections start at $3200 and include at least 8 hours of coverage with two photographers. I have found that this is the amount of time I need to be at a wedding to deliver my clients the best experience possible. 


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