Cypress Grove Estate House Engagement Session - Samantha & Dave

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Remember that Florida Wedding Expo Amanda and I attended back in January? Well, if you don’t go back to this blog post to catch up or refresh your memory. Well we had a blast and met a lot of great couples at that show, including Samantha & Dave!

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When we reached out to schedule their engagement session, Samantha immediately knew where she wanted to go for their photos. Samantha and Dave chose one of our favorite venues to shoot at, Cypress Grove Estate House.

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The weather couldn’t have been any more perfect for an engagement session too! It was supposed to rain on Saturday, and we were so nervous for the wedding we were photographing on Saturday. Thankfully, the Saturday rain never came. Then, when it didn’t rain on Saturday, we were terrified it would rain on Sunday and we wouldn’t have the chance to photograph Samantha and Dave’s engagement session. It turned out that both days were nice and dry, and we were able to take beautiful pictures outdoors for both!

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While getting to know Samantha and Dave a little better during our session, we found out how they chose Cypress Grove so quickly. They had actually toured the venue, and it was on their top 3 venue choices for their wedding day! They ultimately decided on a different venue, but could not get the idea of the beautiful oak lined street out of their heads. We love helping to make our couples photo dreams come true, so we made sure to snap some photos with them under that incredible oak canopy.

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We are so excited for Samantha and Dave! They were a great couple and so much fun to work with. Everyone is nervous around a camera the first time, but Samantha and Dave quickly warmed up to the lens and had fun while doing it. We can’t wait for their wedding come November!

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Lake Runnymede Engagement Session - Michelle & Michael - St. Cloud, FL

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We met Michelle at The Central Florida Wedding Association Bridal Market last year. She was still early in her planning, but she had a lot of great ideas and a vision of what she wanted her wedding day to look like. While she was painting the picture of her big day, we just knew that we would love to work with her and Michael.

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When Michelle reached out to us after the show to meet, needless to say, we were really excited! We had met Michelle at the show, but had yet to meet her fiancé, Michael. We got to sit down at a Panera Bread (one of our favorite places to meet with our couples) and hear all about Michelle and Michael’s relationship and more about their wedding plans.

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We scheduled their photos at Lake Runnymeade. We love this location! We photograph there often, but we always find new places and none of our photos are ever the same! Michelle and Michael both arrived dressed beautifully for their session. Michelle had a beautiful floral dress on that had some fun ruffles to it. Michael wore a suit with a great shirt that would look formal and great with the suit jacket on, but also look casual and fun without the suit jacket. This really helps to make pictures more dynamic as it looks like we did an outfit change, and you get both formal and fun pictures!

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Michelle was telling us about the blog that she runs during our initial meeting. She is an avid reader, and books are a passion of hers. Think Belle’s library from Beauty and the Beast. She asked if she could bring a couple books and if we could incorporate them into the photos with her and Michael. We LOVED the idea and of course said yes! We think the pictures came out great. Take a look below and tell us what you think.

Denver Wedding Photographer-12.jpg
Denver Wedding Photographer-10.jpg

We can’t wait to photograph Michelle and Michael’s wedding at Luxmore Grande Estate THIS SATURDAY!!!

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Lake Runnymede Engagement Session - Joe & Becky

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-1.jpg

We’ve known Joe and Becky since before they were “Joe and Becky.” Joe and I have been friends for around 7 years. We met through our church and a regular board game night. Then, years later, we met Becky. Becky was good friends with another friend of ours and was always helping us with our two boys whenever we were all hanging out together.

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-2.jpg
Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-3.jpg
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When Joe and Becky started dating, we couldn’t be happier. Our fingers were crossed that we would get the privilege to do their photos. They are the cutest couple and really easy to be around. When the time came for them to think about photos, they immediately came to us, and we were honored to capture their commitment to each other. They gave us a lot of creative freedom for their photos and only requested that the photos take place outdoors (our favorite!)

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-5.jpg
Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-6.jpg
Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-7.jpg
Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-8.jpg

We scheduled an early morning photo session at Lake Runnymede. We’ve done several sessions here before, and it is always a beautiful spot! We all arrived early in the morning just after sunrise, and Joe brought his mother and aunts who were in town for their engagement party. We were all so excited to celebrate Joe and Becky. Joe and Becky couldn’t stop smiling the entire time. They were up for anything, and we got some really fun photos of Joe twirling Becky (we asked for a couple re-dos just for fun too).

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-9.jpg
Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-10.jpg
Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-11.jpg

We have photographed at Lake Runnymeade before, but we found a new spot that day that we hadn’t seen before. It was a beautiful open area filled with tall grasses, and with the sun breaking through the trees in the morning, it looked like a golden field. We had to jump in there and snap some pictures with them.

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-12.jpg
This is that golden field!

This is that golden field!

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-14.jpg

The whole time we would show a sneak peak from the back of our camera to Joe’s mom and aunts, and they would burst into tears. We love being to work with our couples and create memories that will last for generations! We are so excited and honored to photograph Joe and Becky’s wedding at Isola Farms THIS Saturday!

Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-15.jpg
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Lake Runnymede Engagement Session-17.jpg

Rollins College Couple's Session - Dana & Ethen

This session is one for the record books! I mean, how gorgeous is that gown that Dana is wearing!? To. Die. For. Dana is a local hair and makeup artist here in Orlando specializing in weddings. I absolutely love it when I get to work with her, and so the fact that she trusted me with her photos makes me so happy. 

Rollins College Engagement Session
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Rollins College Engagement Session
Winter Park Engagement Photos
High End Orlando Wedding Photographer
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Orlando Wedding Photographer
Rollins College Wedding Photographer

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New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session - Savannah & Eric

You guysssss. This engagement session makes me so happy in my heart! Savannah and Eric were giggling and laughing from the first moment. It was impossible not to be affected by their happiness! They are so in love, and I can't wait to capture their wedding at The Delamater House next year!

New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session
New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session

I mean, can you see how cute these two are!? Eric proposed to Savannah with a PUPPY! Can you say jelly???

New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session
New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session

Savannah and Eric were totally up for anything at their session. They didn't even bat an eye when I asked them to climb up on these slippery rocks! And they were totally up for frolicking in the water too. :)

New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session
New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session

And can you say gorgeous!? I can't wait to see Savannah in her wedding dress next March. She's gonna be a stunner for sure.

New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session
New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session

That smile! Joyful imagery is something that I strive to capture for my clients. Nothing makes me happier than to see my couples genuinely smile in their images. 

New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session
New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session

I love sweet and tender images too. Romance is at the heart of what I do after all. 

New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session
New Smyrna Beach Engagement Session

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