Behind The Scenes - How To Capture a Sparkler Exit

Sparkler Exit How-To

Banyan Estate Wedding Sparkler Exit. High End Orlando Wedding Photographer

Sparkler Exits are a romantic and magical way to end a wedding night. It's no surprise then that they are super popular! 

  1. The set-up for this shot starts with the placement of the guests. I like to make sure that they the aisle they make is wide enough that they are not showering the couple with sparks (Ouch!), but narrow enough that they are in the frame. Often, this takes a bit of coaching.

  2. Next, I set up my two lights. There is one behind the couple to create a ring of light around them, and there is another behind me to illuminate the couple as they walk toward me. Both of these flashes are set to about medium power.

  3. Lastly, I coach my couple! I tell them how fast to walk (not very), I tell them about the flash in the middle of their path so they don't trip on it, and I tell them when to stop for a kiss (about two feet in front of my flash).

Those three steps above help me to nail the sparkler exit time after time :)

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