Orlando Wedding Photographers - Husband & Wife Team Announcement!

I've mentioned this in passing a few times, so I guess it's time to make this blog-official! (It's kinda like Facebook official, right!? I’m going to go with yes.) My incredibly awesome and talented husband Miguel has decided to join me and become my dedicated second shooter and possibly more (More on that later!). We are SO EXCITED for this change!  

Here he is with our oldest (Lucas) at Christmas 2016. Aren't they so cute!?

Here he is with our oldest (Lucas) at Christmas 2016. Aren't they so cute!?

Over the next few weeks, we will talk more about what exactly this means for Flora Bloom Photography. There will be a few changes happening, but I promise they're all good! (Think more perks for our clients and better service over all). You'll get to hear a bit from Miguel himself, and he is dying to talk to you all! I will even share some photos he's taken since he's been shooting with me, which I am super excited for. He's done a really great job so far, and I am so proud of him. Seriously, he's wayyyy better at this than I was when I first started working with clients. He blows me out of the water.

I can't wait to see where this new adventure together takes us! For example, we’ll be heading to Wedding MBA in Las Vegas later this year. I’m super excited for that, and not just because it happens to fall on our 5th wedding anniversary week. 

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much because we’ll be covering a lot more about this change in some future blog posts. So I’ll just leave you with this (AMAZING) picture of Miguel with our younger son, Jonah. Seriously, we have the cutest babies! (I might be biased. I kinda don’t care.)

Miguel joins Flora Bloom Photography

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