Our Love Story - Part 1

How We Met

Hello lovely people! Since what I love to do is capture the love of my couples, I thought it fitting to start a series on my blog called "Our Love Story." Every Sunday, I will share a part of my love story with my husband Miguel. I hope you enjoy!

The first photo of us that exists.

The first photo of us that exists.

Miguel and I met our junior year of high school at Cypress Falls High School in Houston, Texas. He was 16, and I was 15. We were in Mr. Hallmark's 4th period pre-calculus class, and I couldn't stand him. (Side note, Mr. Hallmark was the best math teacher on the planet). We didn't really speak that much that year. Fast forward to senior year, and we were both in a class called BCIS (Business Computer Information Systems). While we still like to think of ourselves as young, the fact that this class was required for graduation for us proves otherwise. It was a super simple computer course. On day one we learned where the power button was. On day two we were allowed to press it. 

Most kids at our high school were smart and got this class out of the way freshman year. Not us! We were procrastinators. As a result, we were two of only three seniors in that class, and the three of us stuck together like glue. We would finish the entire week's work on Monday and spend the rest of the week hanging out and sometimes helping the freshmen. Sometime during that year, I developed a crush on Miguel. Too bad he had a girlfriend. 

The school year ended, we went off to different colleges, and I thought I would never see him again. Life is funny that way.